**All Payments Must Be Made At Studio**

Ashtanga Classes

$19=== For drop-ins
(includes mat rental and water!)

$16=== Pre-registration discount
***includes mat rental
***Must arrive 30 mins prior to class to secure your pre-registration benefits!

$13=== For students and Service Industry
***Must have student ID/ Name Tag
***Does not include mat rental or water

$3=== Towel rentals

$1=== Mat Rentals

Unlimited Memberships***

$80==== One month Early-Bird (6am classes only)
$145=== One month Introductroy Offer
$350=== Three months (Regular price)
$600=== Six month VIP Membership
$1000=== One year VIP membership

Class Cards***

$108=== Ten class card (only for Students with ID)
$130=== Ten class card (only for 8 weeks)
$160=== Ten class card (6 month expiration date!)
$220=== Twenty class card (only for 12 weeks)

Communtiy Classes

****Discount prices for locals only and for this class only!~ must provide local id*****
$19=== For regular drop-ins
$7=== Locals discount Drop-in
$50=== Locals discount 10 Class Card (Communtiy Classes only with 1 month exp.)

VIP Memberships!***

$600==== 6 month membership paid in full
$1000=== Year membership paid in full

** All VIP members are allowed into all classes on the schedule. There are additional discounts for workshops and you are allowed to offer a 10% discount on all class cards and 1 & 3 month memberships to friends and family. (only for new members or student who have been inactive for over 6 months) This is an excellent membership for a students to wants to develop a committed practice and visit or space a much as posible! Just let the yoga begin!

*****Class cards can be used for any class at the studio.

***Absolutely NO extensions, refunds or transfers without doctors excuse.

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