How to begin yoga classes at Ashtaga Yoga Puerto Rico

Here are a few suggestions that we feel will help make your experience with us the best it can be. There are only a few things that will ensure a smooth and easy practice for your first class and then you will easily be able to find the classes that fit best for you. Always feel free to give a call with any questions.

1. Always begin with a beginner's class. The Modified Primary covers all foundations of our practice and gives the teachers the opportunity to get to know the student and their individual practices. This is a beginners Ashtanga class, which some students find very challenging. If you are looking for a soft introduction to yoga then refer to the Gentle Ashtanga class for a class based more on alignment and less on flow. Even once students advance; they always revisit either the Modified or Full Primary once a week. This keeps the body conditioned for these postures and keeps the practitioner humble.

2. Commit to the class and this is how you can make a commitment to yourself. Everyone is allowed to rest when needed, but if you need to finish early, then please let the teacher know so you can set up your mat by the door. If you find yourself unable to finish class please move with your mat to the back of the room and remember to rest in savasana for at least 5 minutes before you leave.

3. All yoga asana is done with smooth and controlled movements. Stay within your physical boundaries. You are here to practice pranayama (breathing), dharna (concentration), and dhyana (meditation). The postures just happen to be in the mix with the other limbs, so don't let them be a boundary to the true goal of yoga.

4. Students are allowed to modify or take advanced varitations of postures in classes that flow with the timing of the class. Students benefit best when everyone stays in rhythm with each other and respects the teacher's presence and rhythm. If you want to take advanced variations of postures then please avoid the Modified Primary or Full Primary series. These are set sequences and they are not to be changed once the student reaches the full image of the asana. Variations will change the effects of these classical series.

5. Please park in the It's Yoga Parking on Maria Marzco or inside of Ocean Park. Please do not park in Tres Palmas' parking or block cars in the parking lot unless you are positive the car belongs to someone in your class. Always allow enough time for parking when coming to yoga class. This will avoid any unnecessary interruptions to your experience.

things to bring to class

Here are a few suggestions of things you could bring that will make your class a little easier. Yoga does not require many things to practice besides yourself and the simple desire to know about yourself a little deeper, but a few helpful hints from below will defiantly ensure a smoother class.

1. Clean body and mind. Avoid yoga class without a clean body. Showers are available:) Always come with good intentions. Even if you feel bad, you know you will feel better afterwards.

2. Mat. We do provide community mats, but we require you put a towel over them to help keep them clean. Please spray mats, wipe down and place in back of room to dry after use.

3. Towel large enough to cover your mat or two smaller towels. Good to have for comfort so the hands and feet will not slip. We can provide one for you at $2 a towel. It's a sanitary issue: we strive to keep our studio a clean and comfortable place at all times for our students.

4. The rest is up to you. Yoga is very simple not much is needed for your practice. We do have a few community blocks and straps, but if you would like to bring anything that aids in your practice, please feel free.

Things not to bring to class

1. All ambitions and judgments. Always come in positive spirits. If you come with bad intentions you may receive ill effects.

2. Heavy smelling perfumes or products. No creams should be applied to skin so the pours can breath and the sweat can be released. Do not take aspirin or pain medications before class because they mask the pain and can cause more harm than good. If you doctor has prescribed pain medications, then you should ask your doctor if practicing stretching and participating in physical activity is permitted during your treatment.

3. Cell phones. Why bring it? If you do, then please turn off the ringer (no vibrate) or set your ringer to something soft and yogic :-) If it does ring its ok to leave your mat and turn it off or one of the teachers will turn it off for you.