Beginners Ashtanga / Modified Primary

A modification of the primary series including both standing and seated postures. The first part of your class will start with a warm-up series called the sun salutations to build up heat. Standing series postures will be practice in a way to promote balance and symmetry in the body and aid in the process of detoxification and tonification of the body. The final part of class is a deeper focus on seated postures with the intention of keeping poses modified and accessible to each student's individual level. A seated meditation will conclude the practice and focus the proper intention into the student through visualization and other concentration techniques. This class introduces the students to the breathing and movement techniques used specifically in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Although this is a beginners level we suggest students who are looking for slow paced yoga with extreme detail to alignment or a style of yoga that is for injury recovery start with the Gentle Ashtanga classes. All students are welcome to go at their own level.(1 hour class)

Rocket 1

All levels participate in one class. Students looking to advance their physical practice will be given new postures to work with and beginners can continue to modify their practice, but enjoy a new and refreshing sequence of yoga postures. The Rocket 1 features traditional poses and variations from the primary, intermediate, and advanced series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. This is a higher paced class that begins to introduce the students to the pace of the Rocket 2 Series. Great Intermediate class! ( 1 hour and 15 mins)

Traditional Full Primary Series

The first series of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga as traditionally taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. This is a vigorous class that aims to bring the body in to a very particular sequence of postures. Know as one of the stronger styles of yoga. This class can be taken by beginners to advanced physical levels, but the intention of the class is to learn proper breath and movement counts with completion of yoga asana void of modification. At It's Yoga we do allow modifications for students who are suffering from injuries or other restrictions. Please alert your teacher of any conditions to better prepare the approach to the practice. There will be counting in Sanskrit and less verbal dialog to stay in the heart of traditional Ashtanga Yoga. (72 postures/ 1 hour and 30 mins)

Rocket 2

An intermediate/advanced series including variations of poses from the second and third series of the Ashtanga yoga system. This class is only recommended for students with previous experience in Ashtanga Yoga or advanced vinyasa practice. With a promise to get the juices flowing, this class is full of upper body strengthening with inversions and tons of back bending and spinal twists to invigorate and awaken the nervous system. The Rocket 3 is accessible to intermediate/advanced and people who want a challenge in their practice. We will work will all levels of experience to make the class appropriate. ( 1 hour and 15 mins)

Rocket 3

Also known as Happy Hour, this is where Ashtanga Puerto Rico begins the weekend. This class is a fusion of Rocket I and II, which brings together all the postures of the Primary and Rocket series to create a complete interpretation of the Rocket Yoga system. The Rocket 3 is a high-energy class that leaves the body charged with shakti. When available this class offers rotating live music from local bands and DJ's to let conscious people have a place to unwind after the week. (1 hour and 30 mins)

Mysore/ Open Practice

This is the classical style of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. Mysore Yoga is an "assisted" self-lead class without vocal guidance in the class except for direct teaching from teacher to student. Each student works at his or her own pace and progresses through the series one posture at a time. Focus is on traditional vinyasa counts and slowly acquiring full variations of pose. Typically students stop at the pose that is inaccessible for them and finish the series at that point so not to agriate or cause any unbalance or unnecessary stress on the body. We do offer and allow modifications on the postures for studnets to progress at their own level of comfort. Classes can range from 30 mins to 2 hours. This class is for all levels!

Beginners Rocket Yoga/ Bottle Rocket

This class is offered in the mornings for students to have a more accesible entry point into the Rocket Vinyasa Yoga teachings. We focus mainly on the sun salutations and standing series to create a shorter sequence so the body will not become fatigued before the class is over. There are basic pieces of the seated series asana that may be added on! This is a super class for anyone looking for an easier and softer practice for their body, while still maintaining the dynamic flow that is feeding us prana and vitality!

Mind Body