"Share the love of the practice." (Larry Schultz) This quote from our teacher is a constant reminder that sits in the heart of all our teachers at Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico. We strive to create and provide a space for each individual practitioner to express and grow in their practice. We offer a practice that provides freedom inside each individuals practice and encourages progression through the yoga asana in a more modified, yet effective style. This helps focus the attention in aiding you on developing discipline and strength for your mind, while you take care of what you feel is best for your body. From here, Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico believes practitioners will develop at their individual pace in a safe and effective manner. We teach what we practice and say what we feel, grace, comfort, and love.

Health is freedom. By allowing ourselves to connect with how we feel, we learn how to control and how to create. Through yoga, we create and control the level of health inside our body, mind and soul. Once your space is created and your intentions are focused, you will be able to cleanse and purify all blocks creating a blank slate from where you may begin fresh. Health is happiness and happiness is our goal.

For every different type of person, there is a different kind of yoga and for every desired effect, there is a sequence to create it. We are all given the gift of choice. It's our most powerful tool. The best student is the one that questions their teachers and requires proof through personal experience before they give their trust into a philosophy or idea. We must all become scientists of our own reality. By recognizing this power of choice we are only left with a smile in knowing that wherever we are, it's because we want to be there.

Namaste, Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico